Craniofacial Australia

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Craniofacial Australia

“Craniofacial Australia is the supporting charity for the internationally acclaimed Australian Craniofacial Unit (ACFU) based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in South Australia.”

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    Do you fund services for overseas patients?
    All requests are presented to our Board and CEO and are determined on a case by case basis. We do have from time to time funding made available by Rotary Clubs here in Australia for specific patients
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    How do I register to volunteer?
    Volunteer applications are welcome and we encourage you to visit our volunteer page and complete the form and submit to us
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    Our business is interested in becoming a sponsor. Who do I contact?
    Should you wish to become a sponsor please email We welcome your interest both financial or gift in .kind
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    How do I leave a bequest to Craniofacial Australia?
    Our Bequest book is a valuable source of information and we are happy to send one to you. Please call our office on +61 (08) 8267 4128) or email for your copy
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    How do I submit our story?
    Craniofacial Australia loves to hear your story. If you are a new patient or existing and would like to let us know how your journey is progressing, then please submit this to our office via email at or you may telephone us on 8267 4128. Note we will require you to complete our Photography & Multimedia Consent Form located on our website to provide authority for us to use photographic content.
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