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Craniofacial Australia

“Craniofacial Australia is the supporting charity for the internationally acclaimed Australian Craniofacial Unit (ACFU) based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in South Australia.”

Harry's Trek
Silent Auction 
Terms & Conditions

· The  Silent  Auction  will  be  open  from 9am September 20th 2016  & close at 2pm October 14th 2016 any  bids  received      via  email  after  this  time  will  not   be  registered.
· To  place  a  bid  write  your  name,  daytime   telephone  number  and  the  amount  of  your  bid and send  to             
· All  Silent  Auction  items  remain  the  property  of  Harry’s Trek  until  funds  are  paid  in  full  and cleared.
· All  bids  must  be  in  increments  of  $5.00  (AU).  
· Silent  Auction  bids  may  be  disqualified  if  the  minimum  amount  raised  is  not  sufficient.
· The  end  of  the  Auction  will  be  announced  by  Craniofacial Australia via Harry’s Trek Facebook Page  15  minutes  before    closing.  
· At  2pm  ONLY  an  authorized  Silent  Auction   representative  can  close  the  Auction  and  will advise the  winning  bids via    Facebook
· Authorized  representatives  are  the CEO of Craniofacial Australia or  Silent  Auction   Coordinator.
· All  sales  are  final.  
· The winner is responsible for any costs for shipping of item purchased.
· Once  an  item  is  paid  for  and  is  in  your  possession  it  is  no  longer  the  responsibility  of Craniofacial           Australia. 
· It is the responsibility of the winning bidder to collect the goods or pay for postage/shipping in advance
· All Silent Auction items must be collected within 7 days.  If the winning bidder can not be contacted nor makes contact with    us, then the item will be forfeited and the next bidder will be advised.
· Dispute Resolution: In the event of a dispute the final decision will rest with the CEO of Craniofacial Australia

DISCLAIMER: All  Silent  Auction  items  are  auctioned  on  an  ‘as  is’  basis.  Any  description  of  Silent  Auction  items  is  for  the  sole  purpose  of  identifying  the  items.  
Craniofacial Australia as the auctioneer, when applicable , disclaims any expressed or implied warranties with respect to silent auction items.