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“Craniofacial Australia is the supporting charity for the internationally acclaimed Australian Craniofacial Unit (ACFU) based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in South Australia.”

September Newsletter

Craniofacial Research @ SAHMRI

Professor Peter Anderson is Director of Research at the ACFU and is also part of a longstanding collaborative research team at SAHMRI.

The research team members have worked collaboratively for many years together combining expertise in Stem Cell research, Bone biology in relation to Craniosynostosis (the premature fusion of cranial growth plates in children).

The research team has recently been awarded funding for three years by the National Health and Medical Research Council to develop a possible medical treatment for children with one of the commonest Craniosynostosis syndromes called Saethre-Chotzen syndrome.

A medical treatment could alter the way affected children are treated in the future, reducing or possibly eliminating the need for major cranial surgery early in life.

The specific aim of the research program is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of an identified treatment in the laboratory with a view to commencing trials in children. This research utilizes the cell bank that the ACMFF helped fund to develop and maintains as part of its research program.

The Research Team at SAHMRI.  
Left to Right
Professor Peter Anderson (ACFU), Chee Ho H’ng (PhD Student), Esther Camp-Dotlic (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow), Professor Stan Gronthos (Head Stem Cell Biology). Missing team member is Professor Andrew Zannetino, who is the Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide.

Overseas Outreach Clinic

In the last quarter of 2016 an outreach clinic was held in Denpasar, Surabaya and Manado over a 12 day period from 25 September to 8 October 2016.  The team was led by Dr Walter Flapper, consultant craniofacial surgeon at WCH, Nurse Cathy Cross and Dr Ben Grave, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, attending his first overseas clinical visit for the Foundation.
A total of 109 patients were seen at the outreach clinics, with 3 patients requiring complex surgery, to be performed in Adelaide later in the year.
The team provided our Indonesian medical colleagues many teaching opportunities through lectures and demonstrations at the various hospitals in each of the centres.  Manado provided the team with the opportunity to showcase ‘hands on’ teaching to the surgical staff by demonstrating techniques on a number of small craniofacial and trauma cases within the Plastic Surgery Department.
The Overseas clinics continue to have a positive outcome with the number of patients seen at the outreach clinics and the education exchange for both the medical and nursing staff.  Together with the medical support of the ACFU Team, they are able to continue to improve the quality of service delivered to craniofacial patients in Indonesia.
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Clinics in Bali & Manado 2016

Around one in every 500 babies is born with some form of craniofacial anomaly.  Craniofacial Australia is the supporting charity for the internationally acclaimed Australian Craniofacial Unit and the funds we raise help change thousands of lives and futures every day.
With many craniofacial problems there can also be speech difficulties, progressive brain damage, blindness, deafness and, at times, premature death.  Through our efforts we provide support, education, training and funding to assist both families and the wonderful team of doctors and staff at the Australian Craniofacial Unit.
In today's world where so many take their appearance for granted, we want you to stop and think how you can help these children and their futures.

 Please don't take your smile for granted

There is no greater gift in the world than a child's smile


Craniofacial Membership provides you with member discounts with various partners and exclusive early bird release on events.

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